Sunday, February 24, 2013

A.'s PJ birthday party

A. turned 7 earlier this week and we celebrated on a Saturday morning, so we could have waffles and bacon and sit around in our pjs all morning.

The games (mostly) followed the pajama theme, and there was pin-the-pj-bottoms-onto-the-kid and guess-how-many-fruit-loops-are-in-the-jar, and musical pillows and bedtime charades.  The kids all seemed to love it, A. enjoyed the excuse to eat many different varieties of sweets in the course of a single morning, and I loved the part where I got the whole afternoon off.  Morning parties are just the best.

Thanks for having a birthday, AM!  We all know that seven-year-olds are actually the best.

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graMoM said...

Happy morning bday parties r the best it' s obviously true! Go AM! 7 years and bee-yu-ti-full!! (Grandpa & I miss you!)