Wednesday, September 12, 2012

school's not in yet...

(I never got a chance to finish up this post although I had started the draft awhile ago.  Wonder why...)
...but does that mean we are running out of things to do/to make/to draw?

L's first throw pillow
(who can be bothered with embroidery when there are so many dragons to draw?!)
(the plastic bags are capes, of course)


L. got a "make-your-own-everything" book from the library so we've made plaster molds of things and play-dough and A. borrowed a kid's cookbook so we've been doing that, too. 

"Two-Headed Unigon" (unicorn-dragon)

And we went to the pool and had some playdates and tea parties and stuff like that. 
"Mommy, we found a garter snake!"


So that's a taste of what we did in the last week before school started.  I kind of thought it would be cool if we all just took really long naps, but I was out-voted.


Anonymous said...

I also have a great picture from our day in Albuquerque! A PILE of millipeds!!

Aunt Jerah said...

Aaack, that's not a garter snake!!!