Thursday, August 30, 2012

U.S. Presidents Project

I've been clearing out some drawers in anticipation of the new school year and came across these oldies.  L. had been doing a self-directed research project on each of the U.S. presidents. She was supposed to write a little summary of something significant about them or their presidency, and then add a relevant illustration.   It was pretty straightforward but she, as we all know, likes to get creative:


When it came to Abe Lincoln, she wanted to draw a picture of him as a child, and tell the story of a time he played a prank that involved leaving muddy footprints on the ceiling.  
I tried to move her in a different direction.  I suggested that she look harder for a more memorable achievement to highlight.   She sighed, exasperated. "Oh fine then. I'll write about the whole freeing-the-slaves thing, I guess."

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graMoM said...

freeing slaves is Easy Peasy, if you're in charge!!
footprints on the ceiling is much more difficult... how did he do it?