Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kara and Mark get married!!

First, a quick stop in Missoula to collect stones and taste Big Dipper ice cream...


...and then let the wedding weekend party begin! 

The wedding itself was sandwiched into the middle of an extended weekend of camping, picnicking, hiking, sitting around the bonfire, playing games and catching up with dear friends. The kids weren't so sure the long drive would be worthwhile, and I just kept saying, "You'll see" over and over again.  Boy were they happy to be wrong. 

At one point, I handed BR the camera, so I will let him tell the story:

a bluegrass band and hours of dancing--the kids couldn't get enough!


We had SO much fun.  It was a beautiful occasion and we are so happy for you both--congratulations!


woeisme said...

Man, that looks fun! I like the cake shot. Get pictures of the important stuff first, right? :)

graMoM said...

no, is that a Self-Portrait?? it is just great! go boy! you got some Really good shots!!

kjr said...

Ok I love the taekwondo video... And I love your pictures, R. I'm so glad that L, A, and R ended up thinking the long drive was worth it because it wouldn't have been the same without you ALL!

leia said...

whoa! it's been too long since i've visited your blog! good memories.