Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a poem

Who?   (by L.)

Who did this?  Hole after hole-
A meerkat?  A mouse?  A muskrat?
                          A mole?
Who is behind all this fog?
A rabbit?  A louse?  A heron?
                          A dog?
Nobody, not a Harry or a Jess
can guess this awful mess.
                          But can you?
             (I'll give you a clue:
               the mess is on a mountain.)
              (Another clue: one giant hole.)


Meredith said...

A volcano?

Billy said...

Excellent use of meter! I wish I had been that adroit at poesy when I was your age, L. (or even now...)

P-roc said...

A dragon!

Aunt Jerah said...

We're dying from the suspense. What's the answer??

clairesd said...

Mer got it right: volcano!!