Friday, April 6, 2012

no one wants to see this

oh no, not again.

More clear blue skies and more rock formations and more historical sites that are older than Beowolf? And all of it within a ten minute to two-hour drive, you say?  

so obnoxious.

no one wants to see that.

or this...

or this.


or the hills of embedded fossilized seashells we trotted over last week:

or even the crystals we found along the way

(we took home handfuls and handfuls of these)

But here is the thing.  We do have photos of the Other Stuff.  It's just that...well... it might be something you really don't want to see.
Tell you what: you be the judge.  Once you're familiar with the options.

Option #1:  all of the above

Option #2...

...Jeremy trying to screw the engine parts back on (again) after they were jostled loose (again) while rumbling on down a dirt road (again):

...the schizophrenic weather fluctuations and the resulting wardrobe improvisations*:

"I wish I weared shorts, Mommy"

...glimpses of the road: 

...the lengths we'll go to in order to reach the best hiking spots:

(we are helping to fill in part of a washed out "road")
the single shot I dared to take because I was too afraid to let go of the
kids or the side of truck

...Jeremy, rigging up a system to keep the spark plugs hooked on and impervious to jostling:

(guess the rear-view mirror will need some rigging too) shoots to pass the time while rigging is going on:

...treasures we find at the tops of mountains:

it's a washer and dryer and sink. go figure. 

And there's more.  Lots more. 

It's an adventure in its own right to try to photograph from the bed of a pickup, and there's plenty of squealing involved:

Which brings us to my personal faves: the panorama shots.

and then the least faves: experiments with wind and drool.

Seriously, kid, no one wants to see that.

*not pictured: improvisations in the wild made necessary by other unanticipated, um, fluctuations...


graMoM said...

let me get this straight... you are ALL riding int he Back of a pick-up which means Who is driving??

clairesd said...

There were eleven of us that day, so only 8 of us were in the back. Only 8. :)

Unknown said...

Is that Monument valley? The rock formation in the picture labeled "bo-ring" looks like every John Ford movie ever.

tangle said...

Yup. Those are so super boring that I can hardly stand to look. Which is why I've clicked on your blog like seven times already this morning to make sure my boredom is complete. I especially like the boring interludes of truck repair, and drool, and rock after rock after rock.

graMoM said...

which makes your children = rock stars!
(Make sure they know that. i want their autographs... as soon as I see them again!)