Friday, July 29, 2011


It's been pretty slow here on RandB for awhile, but we are finally online in our new home!  Yup, that's right, this past Tuesday, exactly 13 months after we set out from Denver (to the day), we have finally arrived to a home of our own (okay, so it's a rental) and we will stay put (for at least a year). 

We have been out hiking already and enjoying the summer monsoons and desert lightning storms (though not all of those simultaneously, of course) and everything is a-ok.  Now, if only that moving truck would arrive with our stuff, we could start to settle in a little.  It's a new challenge for us, to live in such a...uh...clutter-free space.  We've only got our suitcases for now so it's like camping!  Indoors!  With one sleeping bag!  And two towels!  And none of our dishes (Or a can opener. Or a knife. Or pots and pans.).  Ah well, whatever: we've got the internet and we've got photos, so it's all good.  Not having boxes to unpack will just free me up to catch up on blogging, right?

Besides, a colleague of Jer's babysat our kids last night so we could go out for my birthday, so we caught a movie and they had pizza and so i guess we're all off to a great start. 

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