Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eastern Washington

Early in July we took a trip out to see Aunt Mer and she took us out camping. 

Let me stop right there and say this.  Folks: this is the VERY best way to go camping with little kids.  Here's what you do: first, find yourselves an Aunt Mer (good luck), and second, start planning a camping trip together. 

Meredith furnished all the gear, she pitched the tents before we even arrived at the site AND she cooked all the meals.  FAN-tas-tic.

On the drive out from Seattle, the kids informed me of a highway sign that (supposedly) forbade anyone to give a thumbs-up.  I remember that Jer and I gave each other a confused look and then, just to annoy them, I found a dozen reasons to do it.  "NO, MOM!  The sign says DON'T do that!"

check out this slide!

BR had a good time on the camping trip, but it took a little while because at the start of it, he wasn't convinced it would be rustic enough.  "I don't want these cars parked here and I don't like these parking lots," he complained.  But then he got into some grass that was taller than his little head and he brightened up: "Now this is what I call camping!"

Hardcore, BR.  That is hard-core.

Oh, and what was that no-thumbs-up-on-the-highway thing all about?  Turns out, the kids were right...Sort of:


Meredith said...

Come again anytime!! I LOVED camping with you.

Anonymous said...

Haha that no hitchhiking sign thing had me in stitches! Kids are so funny sometimes. I'm basically the Aunt Mer of my family I guess haha. My sister and her family came out to visit my husband and I for a 2-day camping trip and we were already at the site with everything set up by the time they got there. The only thing she managed to do was buy a mountain of superfluous equipment from The Sportsman's Guide. Now I'm not against her having her own camping stuff, but she knew I had enough for all of us and she ended up just ordering the same things I had gotten only a year or so prior haha. Whatever, we still had a great time even if she is a knucklehead!