Saturday, June 25, 2011


We like crafts, but I wouldn't say I am very ambitious.  A better title for this post could have been, "How to parent as lazily as possible" or "Uh, can't you do that by yourself yet?" Pretty much, if it can be done with whatever I already have on hand, I'll do it.  Otherwise, I probably won't bother.  (and if it involves glitter: forget it because it is more likely to make me mad or sad than glad.) 

At any rate, here are a few very easy, cheap, and not-too-messy activities for any old day, in case anyone is looking for craft ideas for preschoolers.


Make your own Mummy, using only water, flour, modeling clay and some old cut up t-shirts.  It's quick, a little bit gooey, and extremely irreverent (the Ancient Egyptians would be so scandalized)--so what's not to love?!

it's tiny and cute, too, see?

this is A.'s "bacon mummy"

and BR's "brain mummy"

(i think the Bacon Mummy was my favorite)


next up, Puzzles for Preschoolers.  Get a piece of cardboard, draw a picture on it, and cut it into 5 or 6 large pieces and voila:


When in doubt about what to paint, draw or sculpt, you might want to consider Drawing a Platypus.  (I have only one photo to show for the dozens that have been made over the last weeks)

Or perhaps...a platypus mummy?

I suppose I could also add to the list "rock painting" although I guess the point of that post was what a stupid idea it turned out to be.  Or you can fill up a 13x9 baking sheet with rice and that ought to keep the little hands busy; as long as you don't mind sweeping up rice for a week or two, it works just great.  I have heard of letting a kid go nuts fingerpainting with chocolate pudding while sitting in a bathtub and it sounds fun, but I have yet to try it out.  Of course, paper and scissors can do all sorts of amazing things and help you dream big, or just draw pictures of your dreams

Oh wait, I have one more: get cardboard tube from a used-up paper towel roll, cut it in half and you will have two homemade microphones for little rockstar wannabes.  Crank up the music, and you've got instant fun!

What other extremely low-impact crafts/activities do you have hiding up your sleeve?  Please share.  Please.

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