Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mer, you'll like this one.

Speaking of morbid games the kids play, we have been watching the Discovery Channel's reality show about Everest. As is typical with such shows, the narrator has a deep voice and everything is as dramatic and hyped up as it can be.

I overheard the kids' deep voices the other day as they scaled the staircase:

"The climbers are now 7 million 200 feet up the mountain. Oxygen is running out and they are entering the Death Zone..."
And then one of them collapsed and the others had to resuscitate her.

Oh, we are so proud.


Meredith said...


Jeremy said...

There's no rescue in the Death Zone. You're on your own up there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! They leave your body behind in the Death Zone so others can make it to the summit. Methinks you have 3 very inexperienced climbers on your hands. OTOH, a 13yo just climbed Everest. In just 8 years L could be next!