Saturday, May 22, 2010

3, 4, 5

In keeping with our tradition here at RandB, that's how old they are right now. (you can click here and here for previous years)

Here are some other numbers:

L., weight: 45 lbs., 46 in.
A., weight: 41 lbs. , 43 in.
BR, weight: 27lbs., 36 in.

Can you pick out the runt of the litter?

Poor BR, he is only in the 15th percentile for weight, compared to A. who is in the 95th! You'd never guess they are only 13 months apart just by looking at them (7 months closer than his sisters to each other).

But it is his wise demeanor that really tips you off, if you just look closely...


Julene said...

Wow, J is 39 lb and N is 23. My back feels every pound, so count your blessings with your adorable little guy! Maybe I should follow your example and make those beautiful veggie and dip platters more often ;-)

beth said...

eloise weighs 27 lbs!!!

Christine C said...

I'm only 17 inches taller than L! :) How did that happen?
Can't wait to see you guys-- "the monsters are coming!!"