Monday, April 19, 2010

bread and fish

I don't always do tea party dinner or pancake dinner when Daddy is at work. Sometimes we have a proper meal.


When L. heard that we would be having fish for dinner, and that bread would also be part of the meal, she immediately exclaimed: "Oh! Like in the feeding of the 5,000!" and then she pulled out her picture Bible to show her sister: "See, A? See?"

Maybe L did not realize how unlikely it was that the 5,000 would have had brussel sprouts or orange-ginger sauce to go with the fish, but hey. I guess we're all happy with what we've got.

And BR was happy, too. He just couldn't wait to eat what he called the "beautiful dessert" so he didn't take his eyes off it for a minute.


B Berry said...

Wow, that looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

I AM comin to your house and I am EXPECTING meals like this every day... 3X/day!!
-the graMoM