Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a productive morning

Today was L.'s first day back at school after a long Winter Break. The rest of us kept busy this morning, playing hard and working hard. We packed up almost all of the Christmas decor, swept, dusted, and so on. We took the occasional break to play basketball and to try out a new block set.

These two are my big helpers.

They took all the ornaments off the tree (for once it was legit), picked up all the toys so I could sweep the livingroom, and at one point, I gave them dust rags and let them have had it.
As I swept the hallway I was lost in my own thoughts. Finally, I tuned into their little song: "Mopping the floor with the toilet water, mopping the floor with the toilet WATER!"

"WHAT did you say? You're doing WHAT!?!"

A. happily explained that it was just a mistake, and BR spontaneously--and very cheerfully--switched the words of the song to, "Just a mistake, just a MISTAKE!"
I think you might have to be 2 or 3 to understand how it could be a mistake to drop your rags into the toilet and then accidentally start mopping the floor with them.


Kris Livovich said...

I laughed SO hard! Such good helpers!

beth said...

what a gorgeous shot of A! I hope your house is smelling fresh and clean with your new floor polish!

p-roc's mom said...

p-roc wants to say "vat was SO funny! and br changed the song to 'mopping the floor with the rags on the toilet!' hahahahhahahaha!"

i guess you have to be 3 to understand why that would be funnier than what br actually changed the words to... :)