Wednesday, January 27, 2010

another peek into A's world

Me: Mm, this lunch is good. Do you think L. is enjoying her lunch right now, too?
A.: What? L. isn't eating lunch right now.
Me: Really? What is she doing?
A.: She's just riding her bus.
Me: Wait. Do you think that L. just rides the school bus around all day long?
A.(a little confused that I would even ask such a question): Yes.

I guess if you watch your sister climb onto the (school) bus in the morning and then you're there to pick her up at the (school) bus stop in the afternoon (and if you're 3 years old), it might throw you for a loop to find out that in between those two, she's actually at school.


Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me!

olittles said...

You mean I've been doing school wrong all this time?! That's it! Next week I'm gonna hop on the #70 and just ride it around all day long. It'll be a heck of a lot cheaper than paying tuition!!!

Mama K said...

She has a point. I mean, do we actually know L is at school? Why wouldn't she be on the bus all day?

B Berry said...

What a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a three year old!

BTW, I am one of your most fervent followers - I check your blog every day! You post the most of anyone I know, with great pictures and stories of life in your family. Love it. Nice job.

clairesd said...

B Berry: i love that we have hidden fans out there.
There is just so much material, I hardly know what to do with it all. there are about 3 posts more every day that I never make it to the keyboard to record. maybe that means my kids' future counseling bills will be 1/4 of what they otherwise would have been. :)

Anonymous said...

reduce your kids' counseling bills by coaching them to say,"It's my mother's fault." It will save many hours of time with a professional.

p-roc's mom said...

that's AWEsome.