Thursday, September 3, 2009

i found it under my pillow...

When we traveled to the East Coast, I flew alone with the kids. First to Atlanta where we had a layover for a few hours, then onto Raleigh, NC. I spent the previous two months fretting about it and trying to strategize how to manage any tantrums, boredom, etc. that might arise with a 2, 3 and 5 yr-old. (yikes)
I stuffed the girls' backpacks with games, snacks, a calculator, stickers, that sort of thing. And I made a book for each of them. I stapled some old cardboard and recycled construction paper together and then wrote a story and pasted cutouts from any old magazines I found around the house. Jeremy wrote L's book, and I wrote A.'s book and L. decided to write BR's and instructed me on his favorite images to include (basketballs and trucks, of course). The kids looked forward to the flight so they could finally read their stories.
A's story included a part where a flying princess visited the homes of sleeping children and tucked presents under their pillows. (Hey, it could happen!) Since then L. has informed me that she is very jealous of those kids in the story and could she please find some presents under her pillow when she wakes up every morning?

Well... I can't possibly find a gift for every single night, but, I thought about it for awhile and came up with an idea...I could write a note, or I could give "coupons." Like, "this coupon redeemable for: 3 kisses from mommy." That kind of thing.
And what do you know? L. believes in spreading the love so now she leaves little notes and coupons under her sister's pillow. What a gal.
My favorite so far was this one: "For A: one free puppet show, performed by L."


p-roc's mom said...

that is way too cute!

Meredith said...

you just keep raising the mommy bar higher and higher! no wonder your kids are turning out to be so fantastic.

Anonymous said...
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