Wednesday, February 13, 2008

we love Mo Willems, of Park Slope, Brooklyn

(A., reading the 'Trixie' book, by Mo Willems)

I walked away from the lunch table today and BR pulled my plate onto the floor. L. started yelling: "You made a mess, BR! Look, you made a big mess!"
Me: "Please stop shouting, L. He doesn't understand you, he's only a baby. He doesn't know a lot of words. Like Trixie, in your book, remember? When she was little she only knew how to say, 'Aggle flaggle klabble', right?"
L.: "Excuse me, BR: you throwed salsa all over the rug. (Pause) Now say 'aggle flaggle klabble'."

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Auntie J said...

LOL! That's awesome.

Park Slope rocks, yo. :)