Tuesday, November 6, 2007

fall leaves

we went to Colorado for a week and hung out with
Aunt Kay & Uncle Dave, some of Mom's cousins,
grandpa Tom and... rockin' cousin P-Roc! He and his mom
surprised us, catching a last-minute flight to Denver for
the weekend. We're pretty sure he and L. thought they
had found heaven in the Landons' backyard.


Anonymous said...

I can hear the giggles from here!

Anonymous said...

Heaven is not in Colo-rado. It's in my garden and they all must come. We have plenty of leaves and we can all jump in them together... Or I will take them all to Nou-a-di-boo!

Anonymous said...

So much fun, so much fun, so much fun... Colo-rado is not nearly as much fun without you, although a little piece of heaven even still :-). Missing you guys and can't wait for next time- in SD, maybe?!

p-roc's mom said...

South Dakota? Um, not my first choice, but hey. I'm open to new ideas.

By the way, those are the cutest pictures in the world. Zaama, look, I stole all the good pictures from Colorado and put them on my blog cause my sister was too dumb to bring a camera with her from NY.


mom said...

ha ha.