Saturday, December 17, 2016

Da Lat: a mud hike

We came all this way, we might as well still go trekking, even if it's a tad wet. Right?  

The way down was great. Sliding and slipping and making mud balls. The kids loved it.

We walked through some coffee plantations, and crossed the river and admired the natives' skill on motorbikes, balancing wives and children and sacks of freshly harvested coffee beans, while plowing uphill through deep, wet muck.

And then it was our turn to climb back up the mountain.

Five hours later and soaked through our flimsy parkas, we forced some smiles in front of a waterfall:

We had braved the knee deep mud and the soles of our shoes had threatened to tear off from all the squelching, so we picked our way carefully, trying to keep our balance. The two wobbly suspension bridges had held, our guides were still cheerfully leading the charge and our picnic lunch hadn't washed away in a mudslide. Might as well enjoy the view... Right?

Well, speaking of sliding mud, the road out of Da Lat is blocked right now after all the rain, so we are having an extended stay until it is cleared.

And what do you know? The day following our epic Mud Hike has been clear and dry and perfect for sightseeing around town.


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