Friday, January 30, 2015

we flew to Tinian

You can see the island of Tinian from Saipan.  It doesn't even need to be a particularly clear day; it's just three miles away, to the south.  We went there for a week recently, tagging along while Daddy worked at the hospital temporarily.

It is about a 7 minute flight, since Saipan's airport is on the southern end of the island already.

That plane there on the right was ours

Maybe we were a little nervous...

(coast of Saipan) 

(coast of Tinian)
We do not get tired of visiting new places with stunning ocean vistas.

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Auntie J said...

You know, I just noticed Tinian on google maps the other day when I was trying to show someone where Saipan was. And you went there!