Thursday, October 9, 2014

Beach Colors (by L.)

  We went to Kagman beach for a field trip to learn about adaption.
It is a drive-up beach so we didn't have to do a long, sweaty hike. In the parking lot we noticed a guy selling coconuts to drink.

  As soon as we got to the beach it started pouring on us. We thought we would be miserable the whole time. We were wrong.

As the rain ebbed, we started to scavenge the beach, and discovered some nice colors:

                                  As well as some hermit crabs (as known to us as 'hermies').

(Note the brilliant red color)

                      And a shell that looks weirdly like...

Hey! It's a pointing finger!

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graMoM said...

Oh, yeah, get me some young coconut juice! that's worth a trip to the beach.