Sunday, November 3, 2013

check this out, P-roc:

A praying mantis somehow snuck into our mudroom and then overnight laid a huge egg sack (on that headband).

  Isn't that SO COoooL?!?


Auntie Real World said...

Whoa. At first, I thought it was Rigel who had been wearing his aikido belt and then turned into a praying mantis and suddenly the belt was WAY too big for him. I'll show this to P when he wakes up in the morning!
PS: Uncle Matt says (from experience) don't put the egg sack in a jar with a lid that has holes in it or you'll wake up to a house full of tiny tiny praying mantises. :)

graMoM said...

they are really tiny and love to be under your sheets, heh, heh!