Saturday, May 25, 2013

hey kids, how about some good ol' fashioned summer camp?

Weeks ago, I meant to write about our Spring Break.  And the many, many ideas for fun that we all had.  A. had made a to-do list for the week:

-coloring time
-make collages
-sewing projects
-board games
-jiu jitsu practice
-go to playground
-baking projects
-cuddling-together time
-family game night
-paint bench
-help at soup kitchen
-go to E.'s house
-invite E. to our house
-hang out on the porch
-ice cream!
-go out for breakfast dates with mom, one by one
-gymnastics practice

Those are the ones I remember that we actually checked off.  Plenty of others we didn't get to do. 
Daddy was away at a wedding and so the kids and I were on our own to make our own fun so we did.  I took a few photos of fun but then once spring break was over, I think I remember not caring about blogging about it, or ever getting out of bed ever again ever. 

Thank goodness for school days and how will we ever make it through summer vacation.



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