Sunday, December 9, 2012

Balloon Fest 2012

Last year the event was canceled due to fog, so this was our first time to really get up close at our local balloon festival.  It was really fun, and the weather was clear and warm (ish).  If anyone wants to plan a visit out here in early December next year, this would be a very worthwhile event to attend (weather permitting).  I highly recommend it!
Hiking up:
We arrived early enough that the balloonists were still arriving and getting set up:

At the top:


Coming down, with a brief detour to roll down the dunes:

One of the many benefits of such a small balloon festival: some of the pilots love getting as close as possible to the rest of us!

(before you cross the street, look both ways and watch for hot air balloons!)


Aunt Jerah said...

Damn that's scenic.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!

graMoM said...

what a wonderful view you all had! the panoramic photo is mah-velous!