Thursday, November 15, 2012

a spontaneous trip

The camera didn't cooperate when I tried to photograph outdoors, but I did get other proof of the snowstorm.  Daddy taking a midday nap and trying to stay warm, a happy kid, ready to play outside...
...and then some evidence of cabin fever:
Once the storm ended, and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves that the Brooklyn folks didn't make it out for the weekend as planned, we decided to hit the road ourselves.

see ya later, red rocks!
Some of us were excited to go....

...but others were apprehensive about the risks.  L. presented me with a few personal progress notes within the first couple hours of the drive:
the "so-far diagram"
But we were convinced that what we all could use was a change; we just needed to see some new sights, and some trees.  And water.

Water! (a hot spring)
This was the only portion of the "Catwalk" that was open. Too bad.

We found the very remote yet stunning City of Rocks.  Totally worth the drive.

(how is this tree growing?!?)
The "city" is a perfect playground for boys of all ages...


The Rocks were a hit with everyone and we would like to go back again sometime soon. 
Other sights included the impressive Santa Rita mine, some of the most remote areas of our state, a couple of National Forests, and sunsets over the desert.  It was fun. 
Even L., despite her initial misgivings, agreed.
(we'll stay to the right, thanks)


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Aunt Jerah said...

Is that a picture of her going home and yelling "come to papa!"?? LOL