Thursday, March 8, 2012

impeccable taste in international film

We thought of P-roc and our penpals and your kids, Kari, when we watched "Frogs & Toads, Max's Magical Journey." It is a (low-budget) Dutch movie about a 6 year-old on the search for frog spawn and what could be more magical than that? 

There are songs about cooking and how snails walk, and his grandma rides a moped and she flips pancakes onto the ceiling and then waits for them to drop and Max takes showers in sprinklers and basically has a lot of fun.  The dubbing is not very well done, but it's still a sweet, sweet film that is perfect for rainy spring days.  My kids gave it: ten thumbs up! 


Kari said...

Gotta see this movie! :)

Aunt Jerah said...

Ooh, that sounds awesome, thanks for the recommendation!