Wednesday, February 15, 2012

snowy days

no school!

what they do when they get tired of playing outside: they, um, decorate things...

and do crafts, many many crafts (the painting started at 6:45am and then chalk drawings and then coloring and then stickers and then cut-outs and then more coloring...)

but not BR, poor fella.  He's been sick for days.
no playing in the snow for him

and one last one for Molly, who likes my kitchen:

it's the soup pot that's clouding up the windows 


Anonymous said...

Get well, Buddy. I'm coming' to see you! Granny

GrandpaTom said...

Poor lil guy... tell him we miss him and hope to catch you on skype sometime this coming week. we wanna see those crafts, girls!
-your Grampa and graMoM

lepetitprince said...

is the poor little guy hibernating?
I love your kitchen too.
And it seems that tomorrow is A birthday! Wishing you a good one!