Sunday, January 1, 2012

a Rockwell kind of Christmas. (Ha.)

We celebrated Christmas on the 24th this year because of Daddy's work schedule.  Since the shopping and wrapping and cooking and everything else was already taken care of (ha!), we took baths and gussied up for the Vigil Mass on Saturday afternoon.  We didn't even have to rush to get there in time, either (wait..."took baths"?--ha!  "get there on time"--ha!). 

The kids sang in the choir onstage for an hour and a half and there were no public disasters or flash floods (ha).  And we came home and opened gifts and no one even complained about receiving socks (ahem).  And I didn't ruin the icing for the gingerbread and give up and just give folks plain, undecorated gingerbread this year instead (ha). 

the traditional unicorn gingerbread cookie, of course!

See?  Picture perfect!


p-roc's mom said...

it does look pretty idyllic from a distance. Cause, honestly, who cares about gingerbread icing? :)

clairesd said...

yup, this was one of those posts that just looks so very different from actual events. It was such a NOT idyllic day out here in the real world.

but then again, there were some very darling moments. for instance, after we tucked everyone in(after opening gifts in the evening), the girls leaped out of bed. "I forgot to give a present!" and they rushed to the livingroom. L. dug out the handmade card for me and A. threw her arms around L. to give her a big hug. "That's my Christmas present for you, L.," she said.

p-roc's mom said...

p says: we recognize that sweater that br is wearing!

graMoM said...

that moment is so idyllic, you must treasure it,,,