Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Granny and Papa and Aunt Mer came to see us for a few days in late November.  We showed them some of our favorite sights and got outside for some fresh air hikes.  (believe it or not, folks, the weather then seems warm now compared to what we've had this last week, brr!) 

We especially needed fresh air on Thanksgiving Day because, after running the oven and stove for hours and hours, our CO detector started to freak out.  We thought it best to evacuate and then called in these guys for an expert opinion.

"no, your house is not on the verge of explosion."

The important thing was, the turkey was fine, and we got back inside pretty soon after and enjoyed our un-ruined meal.  It was just a kind of an extra perk for our out-of-town guests that we got to call the Fire Dept during their visit!

(all photos courtesy of Aunt Mer)


Billy said...

I really hope that the quote "no, your house is not on the verge of explosion" was authentic.

leia said...

yeah, me too.

Jenn 'n Glen said...

Great photos!!!