Wednesday, April 27, 2011

back "home"

We are in Brooklyn.  Arrived safe and sound (and a bit sleepy).  On the first day, we rode the subway (woohoo!) and had a hot dog party at P-roc's.  On the second, we had bagels for breakfast and then visited the local library. 

Priorities: straight.

(More to come once I have more time online!)


Kris Livovich said...

no more pictures of fairy tale castles!? That's ok, now it will be all Beasties all the time. We are glad for safe travels!

Meredith said...

Welcome Home!! Can't wait for you guys to continue the westward migration.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!
Love, Grammy

beth said...

wooohooooo, so glad that y'all are back!

graMoM said...

So glad to hear your priorities are straight and hotdogs were on the menu! I hope there was chocolate, too. And ice cream! you are back in the land of opportunity so take every opportunity to enjoy!
missing you all,