Thursday, March 24, 2011

he is 4!

We celebrated a couple of days late (once Daddy got back from a trip) and after some chocolate cake at home, we went to our favorite amusement park, Nicco Park. 

BR insisted on bringing his backpack along since his friend E. had his.  It didn't even matter to BR that his own was empty.

It was E.'s first time to Nicco Park and, despite L.'s best coaching, some of the rides might have been a little too much for him (note the tense look on his face in the video clip above).  Poor little guy.

It was the hottest day we have had so far, but luckily we discovered a water ride that cooled us off.  Anyway, it's not like a little heat was going to stop us from having "silly faces" contests.

Most important, BR had a great time and felt that his birthday party was the "most special-est."  He sure looks happy, doesn't he?


Billy said...

SO FUN! Happy Birthday, R~!

le petit prince said...

Happy "most specialest" birthday BR.I do remember the diner we share for your birth back then in San Diego.You're all so lovely, wet or dry, with/out silly faces (well mom C. too even if as often kept behind the camera)

Anonymous said...

hooray for THE birthday boy! Hooray for Nico Park! you ALL gave us a great time there!

Mama K said...

this is soooooooo cute!