Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i am so proud

they're watching a show, an educational one thank you very much. Every day they learn something new. There are skits, a few songs, some older kids answering some questions and showing off what they've learned.
It's a great show, they probably watch it two or three times a week because they love to learn. Today's topic: habits. Plenty of examples of good and bad habits and some tips on how to break the bad ones, too. Like I said, great show.
L. walks over to me: "Look, Mommy, I have a habit!"
finger in her nose.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Clair
This is Cheyney, Jeremy's cousin. I found this blog through Mer's blog and have enjoyed it so much. Your kids are adorable and I love the way you journal their everyday cuteness in this way. The are very funny and Rigel is so cute toddling around. My youngest just started walking a couple weeks ago. It makes me wish I had done something like this sooner for my oldest son but now I am inspired for the rest of their little lives. Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. Tell Jeremy Hi and I am so proud of all of his accomplishments since the last time I saw him which was like 10 years ago. I really want to meet you one of these days. You can email me at