Wednesday, September 5, 2007

she speaks!

A. has decided to start talking! I mean, beyond just 'this' and 'what is this?' ("ziss" and "wazziz"). All of a sudden, she has over 40 words, and mimics us and her big sister throughout the day. Here are some sample conversations:

A.: "Oooh...dress."
Us: "Isn't that dress so pretty? Put it on, honey."
A.: "Uck!" (=stuck)


A: Noise? Ah: ruck! (translation: "What's that noise? Oh, a truck!")


See!? Real communication, at last.

Of course it is inevitable that as she learns to fight for her place in the world (and there are many opportunities to take a stand as long as Big Sister is around), we see her sweet disposition taking, well...shall we say, more frequent vacations. For instance, while just a few ago, she would exclaim, "Wow, pahk!" when she caught sight of a playground, it has now been replaced with, "MINE!"

Watch out unsuspecting kids in the sandbox, this one gets plenty of practice at home...


Anonymous said...

Training at home is always preferable to learning in the streets! Does big sis know she is Professor L?

Billy said...

I have to agree with A's sentiments, though. I've always felt that playgrounds should be privatized.