Wednesday, July 25, 2007

more from La Luce...

At dinnertime, L. was trying to negotiate her way into eating something more appealing. After about 10 rounds of this, I was kind of exasperated.
L: Mommy, I want Cheerios with milk for my dinner.
Me: L., what are you talking about!?
L (confused): I'm talking about Cheerios!


"Mommy, I have a secret."
"What's your secret, L?"
"I love Daddy. And I love BR. And I love A., AND I love Daddy. And BR."
"What about Mommy? Do you love Mommy?"
"I love A., and I love Daddy, and R., and...TREES!"


p-roc's mom said...

Awesome. Brilliant, that girl. I'm not quite sure what you didn't understand about the cheerios, mom. I mean, clearly, she was talking about cheerios.


olivia said...

Trees are AWESOME!